HRO has a new record! CRUSH

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John Korsrud’s Hard Rubber Orchestra is one of Canada’s most active and unpredictable ensembles of creative music, presenting original music by some of Canada’s most exciting composers, performed by Vancouver’s finest musicians.

HRO is excited to share Crush with you. Released in November 2014, the new record features:

Dave Robbins > drums
Jack Duncan > latin percussion
André Lachance > bass
Ron Samworth > guitar
Chris Gestrin > keys
Cameron Wilson > violin
Campbell Ryga, Bill Runge,
David Branter, Chad Makela > saxophones
Derry Byrne, Kent Wallace,
Henry Christian > trumpets
Rod Murray, Dennis Esson, Hugh Fraser,
Jeremy Berkman > trombones

and the Hard Rubber Chamber Orchestra (track 6)
Mark McGregor > flute
François Houle > clarinet
David Owen > oboe
Ingrid Chiang > bassoon
Henry Christian > trumpet
Steve Denroche > french horn
Jeremy Berkman > trombone
Dave Sabourin > tuba
Salvador Ferreras > percussion
Cameron Wilson > violin
Henry Lee > viola
Peggy Lee > cello
Laurence Mollerup > acoustic and electric bass

Come to the Dark Side was commissioned by New York’s American Composers Orchestra and was premiered at Carnegie Hall in 2010.

Crush and Lowest Tide were commissioned by Amsterdam’s Tetzepi Bigtet and premiered in The Netherlands in 2002 and 2004.

Peace for Ross is dedicated to the great Ross Taggart, a dear friend, and one of Vancouver’s greatest and most beloved musicians.

Slice and WISE Up are dedicated to the ground-breaking Vancouver drum’n’bass drummer Ray Garraway.