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Our ideal composer has always been one who can uniquely synthesize our love of pop, jazz and improvisation - with the most current composition and improvisation sensibilities. 

During the summer of 2021 Hard Rubber Orchestra premiered three amazing, highly-contrasting works for large ensemble. All paired with visuals. 

Works by Harry Stafylakis (with Eliot Doyle), Peggy Lee (with Melissa Hubert), and James O’Callaghan
These exciting Canadian composers are uniquely expanding the languages of contemporary music. 

Exciting, driving metal-influenced composition featuring Stafylakis on guitar and Eliot Doyle on drums. 
Harry Stafylakis - Source Code (June 2021)

Three colourful and contrasting movements featuring Jon Bentley, Ron Samworth and others. 

Peggy Lee - Dissolver (July 2021)

Radiant and vibrant breakcore-inspired composition, with vibrant visuals

James O’Callaghan - A bilateral, a symmetry (Aug 2021)

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