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A sampling of our eclectic shows from the past 30 years

A Tribute to King Crimson at the Rio Theatre (2018)

Hard Rubber Orchestra reimagines works by the iconic English prog-rock band King Crimson with arrangements by Fred Stride, Bill Runge, Eric Wettstein and John Korsrud. Vocals by Erik Severinson and Leanne Dunic

Drum & Light Festival (2008-2010)


Two-hour drum'n bass and ambient music event featuring 14-piece ensemble, including 5 drummers, laptop performers, horn section and dancers. Visuals by Michael Heid and Mat Mazur

Cantata for the King (CBC Television, 2005)


60-minute CBC Television special for their series Opening Night about the king of rock and roll featuring Dee Daniels, Joe Keithley, Dawn Pemberton and several other special guests. Produced by Leigh Badgley 

The New Ice Age (2010) at Harry Jerome Arena for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics 


“The New Ice Age” featuring Zamboni choreography, hockey, curling, ringette, The 18-piece Hard Rubber Orchestra, 3-time Canadian champion Emanuel Sandhu, many of Canada’s top figure skaters including Katherine Kang and the dance pair of Tarrah Harvey/ Keith Gagnon, CBC’s Kevin Sylvester as host, Bob Robertson of CBC’s Double Exposure, DOA’s Joe Keithley, and new commissioned compositions by Peter Hannan, Brad Turner, Bill Runge, Tony Wilson and many others.

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